Birthday cake and birdboxes

springvale birdboxesLunch in fanny the trannybirthday cake

We’ve been blessed with a beautiful week of spring weather. The sun shone and winter seems to be loosening her grip on us for another year. Whilst working hard as always yesterday we took a bit of time to sit in the sun, eat lunch together and celebrate our great volunteer Michelle’s birthday with some excellent cake!

The young woman and men from Springvale Learning were also really busy yesterday on site. They had made around 15 fantastic bird nesting boxes at their workshop. They set to work putting them up on the native trees in our little woodland. You could see the song birds already scouting them out as they prepare to pair up and nest this spring.

Earlier in the week we had the pleasure to eat lunch in the luxurious setting of our volunteer Pierce’s camper van, lovingly known as ‘Fanny the Tranny’. We took a deserved break from our woodland work and dead hedging to enjoy a rather nutritious spread. Thanks for the continued help from volunteers Pierce, John Gerry and it was great to meet and work with Antonio from Serbia for the first time this week. Sorry about the dirt on the floor Pierce but thanks for the grub and the tea!

Tomorrow Saturday 2nd March well be coming together as a community to plant our early spuds in our poly tunnels and do some seed sowing workshops from 10.30am.
Come along and get involved. Thanks Mick


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