Sharing our food cultures

Homeplus spring 2013

It’s great that we have such a diverse mixture of members of our community involved in our project. Our allotment plots are not just used by retired men….although we do have a few of those… ha ha. An inspirational charity ‘Homeplus’ also have their own plot and have been coming up to grow good nutritional food on a regular basis.

The ethos of Homeplus is summed up nicely in their own words.
“We believe that no one should have to sleep rough, and that people who are ‘roofless’ should have 24-hour, practical support. We work with the most vulnerable in our society who have become homeless and those who are sleeping rough, including foreign nationals and those without recourse to public funds.”

As human beings we all need to eat. One of the most exciting things for me about working with people from different parts of the world is to learn about our different food cultures. We had a great team working in the balmy poly tunnel on Tuesday. The folks from Homeplus were bringing there GIY (grow it yourself) skills from Zimbabwe,  Sudan and Somali. We really can learn a  lot from our friends about how to grow the more tender crops such as chillies, aubergine and tomatoes. I think we could share our knowledge of growing spuds and cabbage  in return! Our respective climates are so different, on Tuesday we still had quite a bit of snow lying outside our poly tunnels….not to much of that on the African continent.


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