Peacemeals, welcome to the table.

“Welcome to the table”

Peacemeals is a fantastic not for profit charity that focuses on food. Creativity, community and cuisine.

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” ~ Hippocrates



Today the allotment committee and volunteers came together with PeaceMeals and prepared, cooked and ate a beautiful community lunch. The majority of the food was grown at the Colin allotments. We had a beautiful seasonal, local, organic and veggie meal.

We started the day by welcoming everyone and arriving into the kitchen and dining space together with a super green smoothie. This was made with organic spinach, banana, blueberries, organic milk and organic yoghurt, vanilla paste. Very yummy indeed and very green!

After a coffee (it wasn’t all detox) we sat down and discussed our favourite and most vivid food memories. The menu was devised with a focus on eating food that would help us de stress and unwind. The majority of the food was either grown on the allotments or foraged but all was locally sourced.


We worked together to cook the entire lunch and talked and laughed as we went. The menu was mouth watering. We would have a chard and leek crust less quiche, ie. minus the pastry. The chard and leeks were grown on site and the eggs sourced from my neighbours free range, organic hens this was topped with Gruyère cheese. The quiche would be served with a super salad made up of rocket from the plots, garlic infused broccoli, tomato and goats cheese with foraged herbs and wild flowers. We had wild garlic, three sided leek, wild pea (vetch), common sorrel and sweet cicely. The dressing was powerful made with organic cider vinegar, organic extra virgin olive oil, mustard and tumeric. These were accompanied by a comforting, warm potato salad. The spuds were grown in our poly tunnels organically (our first ever harvest from the new tunnels!)….a lovely early spud variety ‘Orla’. The spuds were dressed with a rosemary vinaigrette, goats cheese and yoghurt.


No meal is complete without desert! So with lots of seasonal rhubarb available at the allotments at the mo’ we made a rhubarb and strawberry crumble served with home made frozen vanilla yoghurt. The crumble topping was sugar free, instead being made up with maple syrup and honey.

There was no body left hungry and we even went home with doggy bags.DSCF1101

The act of cooking and eating together is so simple, yet is becoming a lost practice.

Pull up a chair

“Welcome to the table”

Peacemeals is a not for profit organisation check out there website here:


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