You say tomato, I say tomato……’s a tomato!


We had a great afternoon of tomato planting today in the poly tunnels. We planted four different varieties. ‘Sungold’, ‘Shirley’ ‘Tigeralla’ and ‘Black Cherry’. We’re in for a big crop of tomatoes folks! I challenge any one who says they don’t like tomatoes to eat a ‘Sungold’ tomato and not enjoy it! They are delicious.

These tomatoes are for the community. However we need to look after them through the growing season. So here are a few tips.
1. Keep the poly tunnel doors open all the time from now on. Day and night.
2. Remember to pinch out side shoots regularly. Twist them left, then right and repeat until they snap off.
3. Hand water with a hose only. Soak the roots roughly three times a week. Do not wet the foliage. DO NOT USE OVERHEAD IRRIGATION SYSTEM as wet foliage will lead to BLIGHT. which is not good!
4. Feed with our sweet smelling comfrey, nettle and chicken poo liquid tea. Diluted with water at a rate of 10:1 once a week.
5. Spray the foliage using the garlic spray with the fine mist sprayer at least once a week to strengthen the plants immune system and help them fight off attack from aphids!

ALL THESE TIPS are detailed in this great wee video from Grow It Yourself Ireland



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