We have plans

CNP_Consultation Board 1 compressed


These drawings detail the plans for our new Healthy Living Centre. At the heart of this element of our project is an edible landscape, edible education sustainability and the environment. We will develop this healthy living/education centre by utilising an alternative form of environmentally sensitive construction and will include renewable energy infrastructure. In this case we will be embracing the concept of ‘Cargotecture’, that is the use of pre used industrial shipping containers to form the basis of our new building. We will have five of the largest shipping containers stripped out internally. They will provide one large open plan space which will be insulated to the highest standards. On the roof we will have a bank of solar panels that will provide us with energy and hopefully allow us to sell excess energy back to the grid which will generate  income for the project. This space will have a top quality working kitchen will be used as HQ for our courses in growing, cooking and everything that is edible education.

The exterior of our building will be clad with native timbers and be host to habitat walls and bug hotels for the local wildlife. We will have a large green living wall that will support native climbing plants and provide another habitat boosting the biodiversity once more on site.

This centre will be used by many community groups and schools from the community. We hope to develop small scale social enterprise within the project to create local employment opportunities and also to feed back income to financially sustain the project in the future. Another aspect will be the provision of accredited training on site through the Open College Network which will allow the local community to develop their skills and learning and may help individuals develop their career opportunities.

CNP_Consultation Board 2 compressed

The building will be south facing and we will be able to walk straight outside into the outdoor classroom and green amphitheatre with fire pit which can be used by school groups and community groups for outdoor learning and events. The edible landscape outside will continue the ethos of the community allotments. This landscape will be an essential part of the social enterprise. We will grow for local community markets, cafes and restaurants and we may possibly create a pop community cafe at special events. The principles of permaculture will be employed throughout the design and management of this phase of our project. Neatly summed up as “Earth care, people care, fair shares”, the permaculture ethics give purpose to our work, and connect us with the many millions of others who are also working towards a fairer, healthier and more harmonious human culture. Just like our community allotments there will be great possibilities for the local community and others to get involved in this project through volunteering. Get in touch. Be a part of a green future for the Colin community.

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This project focuses on inspiring the community to get physically active and produce a proportion of their own food in an organic, non intensive manner. The community is benefiting from the physical activity, the mental health benefits of being outdoors and being physically active and also the nutritional benefits of consuming their own quality food produced at a local level. We are building community whilst also reconnecting the community with where there food comes from and how it is produced.




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